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I am Josiah Meigs Professor emeritus of communication studies, the University of Georgia. In the year 2000, I retired after teaching public speaking, history and criticism of American public address, African American public address, rhetorical criticism, and related courses since 1967. I studied at Auburn University, Florida State University, and Louisiana State University. I served 3 years in the U.S. Marine Corps as sergeant.

1. Going Home Alabama
is a personal narrative about incidents I experienced growing up in Pine Apple, Greensboro, Evergreen, and Auburn, Alabama and beyond. 

2. Pilgrimage to the Holy Land is about what I observed and learned on a trip in 2008 to Israel, Jordan, and Bethlehem (the West Bank), along with further study when returning home.

3. Wood Carvings includes pictures of carvings I have done over thirty years, primarily about themes of the South, such as a woman making lye soup.  Pictures of the log cabin we built end this section. (The carvings are not for sale. All but two are carved from one piece of wood (a driver sitting on a wagon with horse or mule; and ears on a cow. Should you choose this link, it takes a while for the pictures to show.)

4. Selected Publications is a list of some of the  items I published (in some instances with colleagues).  

5. Images from Jesus' Ministry  --  pictures of carvings of images from the New Testament, completed in 2011 and 2012, using basswood, butternut (both from Wisconsin) and Georgia cedar. (Each is carved from one piece of wood.)

6. Old Testament -- pictures of carvings of images from the Old Testament (Jewish Bible). (Each is carved from one piece of wood.)  Carved in 2011 and 1012.